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Talal M. Alkhamis

    General Information

Name:  Talal M. Alkhamis 
    Rank: Professor    
Tel: (+965) 2 498 5382    

Academic Credentials:
  • Ph.D. (Operations Research) 1989, Florida Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
  • M.Sc. (Copmuter Science) 1985, Florida Institute of Technology, U.S.A. 
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science and Statistics) 1982, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Research Interests:
  • Analyzing, and designing algorithms, for specially structured linear
  • Integer programs arising in various applications
  • Energy and petroleum mathematical modeling 
  • Modern heuristics techniques
  • Simulation Optimization

Selected Publications:

M'Hallah, R., Al-Khamis, T.
A Benders decomposition approach to the weighted number of tardy jobs scheduling problem on unrelated parallel machines with production costs
(2015) International Journal of Production Research, 53 (19), pp. 5977-5987. 

Al-Khamis, T.M., Benkherouf, L., Omar, M.
Optimal policies for a finite-horizon batching inventory model
(2014) International Journal of Systems Science, 45 (10), pp. 2196-2202.

Ahmed, M.A., Al-Khamis, T.A., Benkherouf, L.
Inventory models with ramp type demand rate, partial backlogging and general deterioration rate
(2013) Applied Mathematics and Computation, 219 (9), pp. 4288-4307. 

M'hallah, R., Al-Khamis, T.
Minimising total weighted earliness and tardiness on parallel machines using a hybrid heuristic
(2012) International Journal of Production Research, 50 (10), pp. 2639-2664.

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