Department Head
Prof.  Dhaifalla Al-Mutairi

    The mission of the department is to provide a quality and broad Statistics and Operations Research education, to conduct strong basic and applied research, and to serve the public and private sectors, the profession and the community at large through innovative solutions, dissemination of knowledge, and advancement of science and technology.

The vision of the department is to gain regional and international recognition for providing a quality education, outstanding research programs and exceptional community service. In addition, it is envisioned that the graduates of the program will be successful in their professional careers and/or graduate studies, prepared for professional creativity and leadership, and lead productive lives that contribute to improvement of society.

The Statistics and Operations Research Department is committed to providing a healthy academic environment by attracting high quality students, faculty and staff. The curriculum is thoroughly based on Mathematics, Science, Statistics and Operations Research and design to fully-prepare students for their careers. The educational objectives of the undergraduate program are:

  1. To provide the necessary foundation for entry level Statistics and Operations Research positions in the public and private sectors or for advanced studies, by a thorough instruction in the Statistics and Operations Research.

  2. To provide an integrated experience to develop skills for responsible teamwork, effective communication and life-long learning needed to prepare the graduates for successful careers.

  3. To provide a broad education necessary for responsible citizenship, including an understanding of ethical and professional responsibility, and the impact of Statistics and Operations Research solutions to society and the environment.

(updated January 2019)